Who Does Jerry Love?
(besides me)

Callum Keith Rennie vs. Russell Crowe

I have one reason for setting up this page. To annoy the pants off of my little friend Jerry. I've already seen proof that Callum can outshine Russell, but I won't be happy until Jerry is forced to face the horrible truth himself. Your vote can be based on anything. Talent, sex appeal, macho manliness (ugh!), nice feet. Whatever. So vote away, people. And remember: Russell has cooties.

Callum Keith Rennie, star of "Men With Guns", "Hard Core Logo", and most notibly: "dueSouth" where he starred as a Chicago flatfoot with experamental hair. I think he's keen, and you can't see it in this picture, but he's got a chest like you wouldn't believe!


Russell Crowe, of "L.A. Confidential", "Virtuosity", and most recently, the brand spankin' new movie "Mystery, Alaska". Plus he's got his own little band. Does this guy ever rest? Jerry thinks he's hot stuff. I think it's fun to irritate Jerry.

You get one vote. Make it count.

PS-Because I still like Jerry (even if he can be a hoser), here's a link to his website. Go have a looky. He defaced his picture (for which he shall always have my scorn!), but it's worth going too just to see the picture of a hairless Rhett Trombley. Yum!

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