Ramona The Brave

Beverly Cleary

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Klickitat Street

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Chapter Blank

The Hole in the House

Although Ramona was standing with her nose pressed against the front window, she was wild with impatience. She was impatient for school to start. She was impatient because no matter how many times her mother telephoned, the workmen had not come to start the new room, and if they did not start the new room, how was Ramona going to astound the first grade by telling them about the hole chopped in the house? She was impatient because she had nothing to do.

"Ramona, how many times do I have to tell you not to rub your nose against the window? You smudge the glass." Mrs. Quimby sounded as if she too looked forward to the begining of school.

Chapter Four
Klickitat Street

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