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- Normal Text -

Here's an example of how it looks with the "normal" sized text, and the header thingy one size larger. Do you think this is too small? It's the size most websites use.

- Freakshow Text-

And this is an example of text one size larger than normal, with a header two sizes larger (than normal). If you want my honest opinion, you're better off with the normal size. I think this is too big, and while bigger text can be sligtly more clear, it can also say "Hey, I'm goofy!". Big letters imply something childlike about the person behind the words. Do you know what I mean? I think (in all honesty) this size text is a wee bit too big, but if it's what you want, just say so and it's yours!

- Could It Be Any Bigger? -

I re-worked the logo like you suggested I do. I still have a copy of the old one if you decide you like it better (for a quick view, click here), but I kinda think this one turned out a bit better. The lighter shade of grey in the letters makes it a lot more clear, don't you think? I'm sorry, but no marble just yet. I can look for a marble border if you still want one? It wouldn't be that hard. They're all over the place. Just make sure you let me know, okay? =o)

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