David Lee
(born) 1944

Phone Call


Hello, Mr Williamson? This is David Lee, I live in Paragonah. During my morning run I passed by your stockpens west of Paragonah and I saw that one of your cows, the black white-face, I think, seems to have calved during the night. I think around sunrise, the calf was still steaming, at least I think so. But the cow seems to be in some trouble, I think her uterus has prolapsed and she probably needs some help. I was running and I didn't stop and walk over to see, instead I turned around and came back to call and let you know so you can go out and see if she needs help.

Who's this? Is this church business?

No, no. Wallace, I'm the guy who runs out by your stockpens every morning. You wave at me. Today I ran early and saw that you've got a cow in trouble. She's an angus-hereford cross. She's calved and her vagina has protruded. You ought to go out and check on her as soon as you can.

Is this about selling Amway?

:goddammit, this morning
in your west pen
the black bally dropped her calf
and her ass is out
down to her knees.
She needs help.

Oh goddam
it's that two year old heifer
I didn't know she was that close
I gotta go.
Look mister whoever you are
you call back
take and give my wife your name
I owe you
but I cain't talk now
I gotta go
but I sure thank you
I'll make it up to you
someday somehow