David Lee
(born) 1944

Jubilate Agno, 1975

For I will consider my black sow Blackula.
For she is the servant of the god of the feed bucket and serveth him.
For she worships the god in him and the secret of his pail in her way.
For this is done by screams of incantation at the appointed hour and lusty bites of daily communion.
For she stands with forelegs upon the top rail of the wooden fence in supplication.
For she grunts her thanks while she eats.
For she stands for the red boar with closed eyes at the appointed hour.
For having done she lies in the mud to consider herself.
For this she performs in ten degrees.
For first she rolls in her wallow to cover her body.
For secondly she lies still to feel the wet.
For thirdly she stretches her length and casts her belly to the sun.
For fourthly she exhales God's air in huge sighs.
For fifthly she rises and examines her feed trough that replenishment might miraculously appear.
For sixthly she scratches her side against the fence.
For seventhly she scratches her jowl with delicate pastern swipe.
For eighthly she smells the breeze to ascertain the red boar's presence.
For ninthly she returns to her mud and plows large holes in the earth.
For tenthly she lies again in the wallow to cool her frame.
For having considered her world she will sleep and dream dreams of herself and her god and the red boar.
For like Even for softness she and sweet attractive Grace was formed.
For the red boar lusteth mightily and foameth at the mouth for her.
For he might escape and enter her pen.