Every now and then, whilst crusing the web, I come across some sweet little webgem that I feel deserves a little help in its promotion. Sometimes it's a great big website, that thousands of people flock to daily, and other times it's just a simple little homepage that almost no one has ever seen. The one constant between these sites, is that they've all of them been stuck on my own bookmark list. Plus I have this annoying habit of shoving things I really like in other peoples faces. Just ask anyone who knows me, if you don't belive me. heh. Now go click on some of these links. They rock.

Disobey -- The first thing I thought of when the idea of a link list came to me. At first I was going to bill this as an on-line zine, but then I realized, Disobey is the greater parent of Devil Shat (an on-line zine) and Ghost Sites (which showcases dead and no-longer-worked-on websites), and is really much more than just a zine. It's the grandaddy of non-corperations. Run by one guy, it's easily the most efficiant website I've ever seen that's still able to retain its snazziness. No small task, I assure you.

Lust in the DA's Office -- Billed as the "Law & Order Page O' Love", this site urges you to recognize that Jack McCoy and Claire Kincade are having a steamy love affair right in front of our very noses. I haven't put this site up here because of my deep and unabiding love for "Law & Order" (although I am fond of Schiff, and am currantly working on a quote script for him), but because the points made for the romance between Jack and Claire are not only hilarious with wit, but they're darn convincing too. I'm a believer, baby.

What a Load of Codswallop, Pet! -- I first found this site when I was browsing a bunch of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" websites in search of wavs and Real Audio recordings of my favorite funny show. It's a dictionary of UK words and slang that have a totally different meaning over here in the American contenant. Someone needs to make a Canadian-To-American dictionary while we're at it. Anyone in the states know what a chesterfield is, yet?

Thou Art the Man! -- Although I've always prefered Edgar Allan Poe's poetry to his prose, I have to admit the man could belt out a pretty witty story if he felt like it. Most of the time he just seemed to ramble on and on with no visable point (kind of like Stephen King, only in harder to understand english), but among the stories of his that I actually liked is this one. It's probably my favorite of Poe's fiction. I was going to put it up in the poetry section, but I thought this would be better. By the way, Poe wrote my all-time favorite poem. Go read it.

Urban Legends Reference Pages -- Man, do I ever love this site! I'm compleatly wild about urban myths, and this site not only reminds me of all the old goodies I used to squeal over in my youth (who remembers Bloody Mary? heh!), but it debunks the falsys and confirms the, um, trueys. It's very well researched (where do they get the time??), and it's been updated a lot lately, so there's lots of prime fresh legends to drool over. You could literally spend days on this site and never ever get bored. (you think they'd mind that I "borrowed" their wallpaper for my Who Does Jerry Love? page? Let's just keep that under our hats for now, eh?)

In Plain Site -- Those of you who are fans of the TV show "Homicide: Life on the Street" will remember this website as the one belonging to Detective Tim Bayless in the "Homicide.com" episode of the show. It's really a very tiny website filled mostly with links back to NBC and Homicide's official website, but I thought it was really neat the way they created a real life website to go along with the one the character had on the show.

Bumbleshoot -- It means....nothing.  And everything. Actually, it's just a distortion of an umbrella.

E-mail -- That would be My e-mail address. Duh, right?